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Welcome to The Doane Stuart School!

Doane Stuart was founded in 1975 as a merger of a Sacred Heart School, Kenwood Academy and an Episcopal School, St. Agnes School. This was a unique venture for those times and helped define our identity as an institution which sought to stretch and explore. We are proud of our roots and look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2025- 2026!

Doane Stuart began in a great experiment of hope, as the product of a unique and historic merger which challenged the school to build on centuries of tradition while seeking its own singular path and vision. This search for identity helped to foster an ethos which is at the very heart of education as a sacred process.  Doane Stuart understands that all in the community, young and old, are on a journey as learners. As a result each day is entered as a new opportunity to explore uncertainty, expand limits, question assumptions and  grow wiser in mind and spirit.  Our story demands it!

Doane Stuart is dedicated to preparing students from Grade 9 through Grade 12 to be independent thinkers, confident in their abilities and talents, as they thrive as part of the DS community. The mission prepares our students for the opportunities and challenges of college and beyond: education is a lifelong process which benefits both the person and the society. Our seniors leave us each year with the skills and personal integrity needed to succeed. 

 We embrace the motto of “teaching to the head and the heart.” Our talented faculty offer a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to explore, wonder, create, question, and always, always reflect.  All our children embrace the greater communities as they participate in service learning opportunities that are age appropriate. 

Doane Stuart is a family of families, and we invite you to join us on the journey to providing your child an exceptional education.  Please take time to explore our website as a way to learn about our mission and the program. We then encourage you to schedule a time to visit and see for yourself what our school is all about!  We look forward to meeting you and sharing why we love Doane Stuart so much.


Doane Stuart embraces globalism, inclusion, and diversity, while offering a rigorous college preparatory program that includes a STEAM program for all Lower School pupils, SAT prep, advanced courses unique to Doane Stuart, and comprehensive college counseling. As an independent school, teachers here are not required to teach to a test, but are empowered to create dynamic and interdisciplinary lessons that stimulate discussion, debate, and real-life application. Traditions at the school insure that students stay rooted to Doane Stuart’s more-than-century-old mission. At the same time, we recognize the increasingly competitive and international nature of undergraduate and graduate admissions and the job market. As such, we strive to inspire students who will succeed in their pursuits and who gain the versatility and dimension to adapt to fields and careers not yet even conceived. Please explore our web-site, visit campus, talk to teachers, students, and parents, and let us know how we may assist you as you discover the opportunities and outcomes available at Doane Stuart.

For Admission Information Contact: 

Nico Forcier
(518) 465-5222 
[email protected]